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SNAPS empowers organizations to be more successful in getting the benefits out of Microsoft’s APS by automating many of the reoccurring tasks required to leverage the appliance. It was designed to greatly simplify the management as well as expedite the processes of migrating and importing data to and from APS. SNAPS empowers all the different types of APS users to work smarter and faster.

For the DBA
SNAPS helps DBA’s manage multiple environments with migration modules that migrate code from one APS appliance to another, code comparison between two APS databases, and a scripting tool to script database objects. The Info module gives DBAs a database level view to manage data skew and open row groups.

For the Developer
Developers can easily see performance impact by using wizards to change table geometry, distribution keys and partitioning. They can then test right inside SNAPS using the Quick Query module which offers context menus for table properties and other table conversions.

For the Analyst
For the Analyst Analysts love the power and performance of APS but were often limited by using only the data loaded in to the platform. SNAPS Import tool allows analysts to load flat files in to APS tables. A marketing analyst with a list of 5,000 customers in Excel can load it into APS and join it to an existing table with billions of rows. The Quick Query module provides intellisense and helps the analyst by showing names of tables and allowing them to be selected as you type.

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MEDISKOR is a SaaS based healthcare analytics platform that enables physician practices to validate detailed patient insurance eligibility and benefit information in real time, estimate patient financial responsibility amounts prior to services being rendered, calculate optimal patient payment terms and strategies, as well as determine the probable outcome of a claim prior to submission.

We offer medical practices our advanced technology over the internet as a service for a fixed monthly price, freeing customers from complex software and hardware management and allowing practices to plan around a fixed monthly cost. Learn more about how we are freeing doctors from the business of medicine by enabling them to focus on their patients’ health and let us take care of their wealth.

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